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After the Fall


After the Fall 1.5MB Explicit Darker.jpg
LORRINA BELLUZ - fathomCover 830kb.jpg

'After the Fall' is a high energy  intense ride, featuring some really fantastic musicians and engineers. The songs were written in Victoria and Mexico, over a four year period.

Two digital formats:

a) 'After the Fall' - unedited with some explicit lyrics.

b) 'After the Fall (Radio Edit)'  - all explicit lyrics removed.


 Fathom is a contemplative journey, from pop to punk, and worlds in between. Most of these songs were written in a 3 year period, whilst living high in the Himalayan mountains of India.


Thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for the generous funding of this album.


And thank you thank you to all the fine musicians and crew who took part in this project; it was an honour to work with all of you!

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