After the Fall - Released October 2021! 

Recorded 21 years ago, released in 2021.

Why the wait?

'Shortly after recording, I got into an accident; hit by a cab while riding my bicycle. Healing took years, the path veered elsewhere, and the album was shelved and almost forgotten.

Recently, rifling through old recordings to remember the lyrics to one of my songs,  I came across the album, listened to it for the first time in Y E A R S. And I thought hmmm, people might like to hear this...

I wrote most of these songs over a four year period while living in Victoria and Mexico (1994-1997), and recorded in `1999-2000' in Toronto, with some fabulous musicians, during the strange Y2K panic.

The funny thing is, personally and even globally, this music seems more in-sync with today, than with 21 years ago...'

 'After the Fall' (Radio Edit)

 'After the Fall' (Explicit Lyrics)